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Floral Trends & Inspirations

Photo Credit:  Joshua Aaron Photography / Floral Credit:  My Friend’s Garden
Sun, 03/14/2021

Florals can add to the ambiance of your special day with so many options from vibrant hues to soft shades.  Personal touches can be incorporated to your wedding from installing a dramatic ceremony backdrop to having a locket in your bouquet to remember a family member.  Continue reading for descriptions of a variety of stylish trends!


Floating Florals

Photo Credit: Jessica Roberts Photography

Floating decor ideas are guaranteed to create a bit of whimsy.  The Lace House at Arsenal Hill has several fountains.  Why not draw even more attention to the focal points by adding flowers?  This image showcases colorful arrangements by Something Special Florist  decorating the fountain on the pathway to the Wedding Garden.  It is an opportunity to get creative with your floral design and add a custom touch.  The fountain shown here is one of five among The Lace House at Arsenal Hill, adding to the venue’s charm.  We enjoy seeing the creative floral style incorporated in the fountains.


Hanging Florals

Photo Credit: Virgil Bunao

Hanging floral installations like the one pictured above created by Cricket Newman Designs elevate the view and add a dramatic flair of romance.  Guests do not expect to see such an elaborate floral statement suspended mid-air and it provides an impressive ‘WOW’ factor.  If your vision is to bring the outdoors into your tent, consider a garland draped ceiling.  It is beautiful and can cover exposed support beams.  For a lush, full-looking garland consider greenery like ivy or boxwood.  Add even more intrigue by incorporating florals into your lighting plan. 


Beautiful Bouquets

Photo Credit: Clark Berry Photography

Bouquets come in varying colors, shapes, and sizes.  Do you want bright vibrant hues, all white or something in between with muted shades?  Color choice can help set the tone for your wedding.  What type of bouquet do you prefer such as cascade, nosegay, hand-tied, or pomander?  The bouquet type can help determine the size.  What flowers do you want to utilize?  Roses have long been considered a symbol of beauty and love. 

Photo Credit: Taylor Best Creative


Other popular choices are hydrangeas or peonies. For a sentimental touch, add an heirloom such as a handkerchief, to your bouquet.  American Floral created both of the bouquets shown.   






Statement Ceremony Backdrops  

Photo Credit: Jessica Hunt Photography



This statement backdrop is beautifully draped with cascading fabric and decorated with lush monochromatic flowers arranged by Carolina Blossoms.  White creates a clean, elegant, modern look and signifies wholeness and new beginnings.  The dreamy backdrop accentuates the intimate and picturesque Wedding Garden, creating memorable photography. 


The custom iron framework pictured below adorned with exquisite florals provides an enchanting backdrop for exchanging vows in the Memorial Garden.  The florals arranged by John Gray Events on the ironwork complement the wedding party bouquets.  Statement ceremony backdrops such as these add to a beautiful garden setting.  The Lace House at Arsenal Hill has plenty of stunning garden options for your special day, each with their own appeal.             




Photo Credit: Jessi Nichols Photography


Thank you, as always, for taking time to read our blog.  We hope the creative inspiration shared is helpful to you and your wedding plans!  If you are interested in touring The Lace House at Arsenal Hill please contact us to schedule via email: or phone:  803-737-2235.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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