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Recently Engaged? Five Steps to Take After The "Yes" Day

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Wed, 01/06/2021

If you are recently engaged or anticipating the big question, this blog is for you. November-February are some of our favorite months of the year. Not only are they filled with many fun and joyous holidays, but these months are also known as Engagement Season! Although Engagement Season is usually accompanied by flooded social media feeds showing off engagement rings and smiling couples, it also brings together new friends and family members.

A wedding engagement is one of the most exciting times of your life! After your partner slips that ring onto your finger, there are five important steps to take before jumping into all the details of full planning mode:  

1. Enjoy the moment

We know it is hard to keep the exciting news a secret, but before you post a photo of your shiny ring or even call your best friend, take a moment to celebrate the occasion with your partner.  Grab a bottle of bubbly and toast to the next steps of your future together!  There will be lots of time to share the announcement with family and friends, so do not forget to soak in the moment together first.  Once you dive into wedding planning festivities, you will really appreciate the intentional time you spent together following the proposal.

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2. Share the love

Now that you have taken the time to privately celebrate with your soon-to-be spouse, it is time to shout out the announcement!  Posting a ring photo or selfie of you and your partner is an instinctual way of sharing the wonderful news.  While that is a great way to share, do not forget to call or tell your closest family members and friends who might prefer to hear the news directly.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, and best friends always appreciate hearing the news from you first.  After making the necessary calls, post away!


3. Celebrate the engagement

Engagement celebrations can range from an extended family dinner at your house to a larger cocktail affair.  The Lace House at Arsenal Hill is a perfect backdrop for an engagement party!

4. Discuss guest list size and an approximate budget

Although putting together a finalized guest list is an important part in planning and budgeting for your wedding, do not stress about those full details yet.  You can get a head start on this task by thinking about the people you want present on your special day.  This will not only give you a general number to help with budgeting and venue choice, but also adds to the excitement of imagining your celebration surrounded by the people you love the most.  After drafting a preliminary guest list, you will want to discuss budget.  The budget can fluctuate but having a ballpark amount in mind will help you with realistic expectations once you start researching venues, planners, food, and more.


5. Book Your Venue

A transitional step from your engagement journey to your wedding planning is booking a venue.  After you have fully celebrated your engagement and begin the planning process, your venue is one of the first decisions.  Venues book much further out than most vendors, so it is a great starting point.  Your wedding venue will be the foundation for the rest of your plans.  Once you have decided on the perfect place to say “I Do”, you can then begin to piece together your ideas to fulfill your vision.  If you have already gone through the first 4 steps or have decided to jump ahead, we would LOVE to meet you, swoon over your ring and show you the Lace House at Arsenal Hill!

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Best wishes on your engagement and for more information regarding the Lace House at Arsenal Hill, contact us via email: or phone: 803-737-2235. 


We look forward to hearing from you!


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