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Vendor Spotlight: Musicians

Wed, 09/23/2020

Hope you enjoy this month’s Vendor Spotlight featuring just one of the many great music offerings of Columbia. This blog will highlight husband and wife duo, Adore Duet!

Adore Duet formed by violinist, Andrew Lynn and cellist, Ying Liao have been performing in South Carolina for the past eight years.  Andrew and Ying are a married couple themselves. mb2 After planning for their own wedding they understood that hiring event services can be overwhelming and complicated.  Adore Duet is committed to making the process of booking musicians and selecting ceremony or event background music simple.

Mrs. Liao received her bachelor’s degree in cello performance from Tainan National University of the Arts in Taiwan.  While studying at Tainan National University, her area of focus was on traditional Chinese music performance and she was also a member of the Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra.  Ying has appeared as a finalist in the Yung Fong Philharmonic Classical Contest, one of the most prestigious string competitions in Taiwan.  At the University of South Carolina, Mrs. Liao received her master’s degree and is mb3a doctoral degree candidate in cello performance.  While in Columbia, she served as a teaching assistant and a member of the Graduate String Quartet.  Mrs. Liao teaches at Newberry College and is also featured in many local performances by orchestras such as the South Carolina Philharmonic, the Augusta Symphony and the Greenville Symphony Orchestra.

Andrew Lynn holds a bachelor’s degree in musical performance on violin from Cleveland State University in Ohio.  He received his graduate degrees from the University of South Carolina, where he earned a Master of Music in performance on violin and a Master of Arts and Teaching in music education in the area of instrumental music.  mb4Mr. Lynn currently serves as the orchestra director at Chapin High School and one of the primary instructors of the Play It Forward Program, a non-profit organization that provides string instrument education to students in Chapin and Newberry, South Carolina.  Among the many local performance opportunities Mr. Lynn participates in, he is currently a tenured violinist with the South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra in Columbia, South Carolina.


Q.  How long have you been in business?

A.  My wife Ying and I decided to start our business Adore Duet during the summer of 2017.  Prior to that, while we were both graduate students, we worked as freelance musicians, playing for different wedding music contractors in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Myrtle Beach all over North Carolina, and Georgia.


Q.  Why did you decide to start your business?

A.  Ying and I were engaged in 2014 and as excited as we were back then we remember how stressful it can be to prepare all the arrangements for your wedding.  After our experience and with our connections as professional musicians in the area, we thought that if we started our own business, we could offer our clients professional quality musical performances, at a great price and allow them to finalize all their musical arrangements in just a few easy steps.


Q.  What is your favorite part of a wedding/event day?

A.  Our favorite part of a wedding would be sharing our music with our clients and watching as everyone walks out during the ceremony processionals. We certainly want the bride’s song to be perfect and it is amazing for us when we can share that moment and watch them walk out to our music.



Q.  What variety of instruments does your group offer?

A.  We advertise ourselves as a “Duet” or just violin and cello, but we can offer literally any combination of instruments you can imagine!  My wife and I have been working in professional orchestras across South Carolina and Georgia for over a decade now and we have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing musicians, who we could call on to perform with us. Most recently we have collaborated with pianists, vocalists, guitarists, trumpeters all of whom are colleagues of ours from professional orchestras.



Q.  What is your most requested song?

A.  Pachelbel’s Canon in D is our most requested song for the wedding ceremony processionals.  It is such a simple but beautiful tune and we challenge ourselves as musicians each time we play this piece to make it a memorable performance and capture the feelings and emotions of the moment.mb6


Q.  From your experience, what should couples and clients ask a potential musician in the interview process?

A.  When interviewing a string player (violin, viola, cello, or bass player) for your wedding, ask them if they are a member of a professional orchestra.  Look to see if their name is listed on the orchestra’s website.  There are many great professional orchestras throughout South Carolina all with great musicians.  Professional orchestras like the South Carolina Philharmonic has a rigorous audition process that you must pass to be selected, so if a musician is listed on their website, they have been tested and are a great player.  If they have a website devoted to music services, I would also recommend checking for positive reviews from the site.  Look up the musicians you are interviewing on YouTube.  Active musicians will have examples of their playing posted on YouTube and other platforms.


Q.  What sets you apart from other musicians?

A.  Our experience sets us apart.  As shared, my wife and I have been playing professionally in weddings in South Carolina for well over a decade now.  The professional quality music we can provide sets us apart.  As members of the South Carolina Philharmonic and other great orchestras we get to perform with the best musicians from all over the state.  We can maintain that same quality of performance at your wedding or event.  Our service and organization also set us apart.  Our clients simply complete two online forms and I can finalize all arrangements with them.


Q.  Anything else you would like to add?

A.  Please contact us for your next wedding or event.  You can also find us on WeddingWire!


Connect with Adore Duet via their website, Facebook, email or YouTube!

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Thank you for taking the time to review another Lace House blog. If you are looking for a great addition to a ceremony or cocktail function, be sure to reach out to Andrew and Ying. They would love to hear about your event!


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