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Vendor Spotlight: DJ's - Part 2

Tue, 08/25/2020

Excited to share part 2 of our DJ Spotlight blog series!  If you missed part 1, please check it out here!  We are featuring two more entertaining DJ companies in this post.  Keep reading for insights into their business and great tips on finding a DJ for your event!


First, we spoke with TJ McKay, owner and creator of Party Carolina Events.  TJ began his entertaining career at the age of 7.  Unfortunately for his family and teachers,dj3 he continued to polish and refine his quick wit and entertaining skills until college when he got his first live radio job.  He continued for several decades as a full time, drive time radio broadcaster and has managed radio stations as Program Director in five different states including Texas, Idaho, Ohio, Georgia and South Carolina.  TJ knows all genres of music quite well and how to read and understand people.  He is not afraid of a microphone or large crowds one bit and knows well when to talk and when to not talk.  He knows what couples like, how to read the guests and how to ascetically set up equipment and lights.


Q. What do you love most about being a special events DJ?

A. There is never a dull moment.  Every event or wedding provides new and different challenges, as well as different strategies for success.  Since this is what I have done all my life, facing those challenges comes naturally and it just does not feel like work to me. It is what I do best and with that, I’ve handpicked to share the same passion and enthusiasm for successful events.


Q. What services do you offer?

  1. Professional DJ services & MC host services
  2. Quality audio/video presentations
  3. Area up lighting, string cafe lighting and lighted monograms
  4. Online ceremony & reception planners that simplify communication and make the DJ part of things stress free     
  5. Pro photo booths in arcade style, open air style and mirror booths with professional photo strip designs along with fun, motivating attendants
  6. Therapy, if needed (or just a little bit of wit to make you smile)


Q. What does a typical event day look like for you?

A. Most events begin days or weeks ahead of time.  With online planners for ceremonies and receptions, meetings with the couple and preparing music prior to the event day.  On event day, we arrive 3-5 hours prior to the first guest arriving, depending on what all we are providing.  There are a lot of moving parts and we want to make sure everything is set with time to spare.  In short, a typical late afternoon wedding & evening reception begins in the morning for us.  Packing special things needed in our trucks, more planning, traveling and unpacking to set up.  We always try to be focused on close to perfection during the event, until the last guest has left.  Then there is packing up and traveling back to the office which can be anywhere from 2 to 5 hours of more work.  Midnight or at late as 2:00 am.  Whenever it is done.  Oh, and somewhere in there we try make time to eat at least once and hopefully use the bathroom if needed!


Q. What is the best part of your job?

A. Seeing the guests smile and having a great time.  Knowing that when they leave, they might just be a littler happier.  When I see a bride and groom celebrating and having fun and knowing that their most important day ever was also their best day ever.


Q. From your experience, what should couples and clients ask a potential DJ in the interview process?

  1. Do they really understand how to read a crowd of guests and transform that into a tapestry of the perfect songs across many genres and generations?  It is an art. 
  2. Can they please most of the people most of the time? 
  3. Do they bring backup equipment of all kinds? 
  4. Will they be all set up and changed into their dress clothes before guests arrive with time to spare?
  5. Do they dress nicely and refrain from drinking or drugs of any kind while there?
  6. Do you ever cuss while on a mic? dj5


Q. What makes you unique from other wedding and event DJs?

A. I am told my charm and wit are a part of it, but I don’t see it (lol).  I am slightly OCD about details.  I like things clean and correct.  With 30+ years of on-the-radio morning DJ and afternoon DJ success under my belt, I draw from many years’ experience of implementing and interpreting cross-format music research and managing several radio stations for many years. You can mention an artist from almost any music format and I can tell you what their biggest hit was and what the very best song by that artist would be to play at this particular event (after I have seen the guests, usually).  I am a very intuitive DJ.  If I had a nickel for every time someone was making a beeline to my table to make a request and when they arrive, I tell them what they are going to request, I’d be rich.  It happens!  Music and People.  I understand them both very well.  


Q. What is one thing people do not typically know about your business that you wish they did?   

A. I am a Christian.  This is a Christian business.  I say a short prayer before every event asking God to use me or the event for His glory.  For some events I have to say longer prayers (lol).


Q. Is there anything else you would like to add?

A. We are very passionate about making sure our clients get the best service.  We are honest and keep our prices reasonable.  We always give 110%.  Anything short of that is just not ok.

I am not a star, never have been and never will.  You are the star.  Always!


Connect with Party Carolina Events via their Instagram, email, or Facebook!

ig @partycarolinas email  fb


We also chatted with Hal Deadwyler, owner of Sound Quest DJ’s.  Sound Quest DJ’s has been serving South Carolina’s music and entertainment needs since 1991.  In 2010 Hal & Cheramie Deadwyler went to dj7dinner to discuss an opportunity to buy a DJ entertainment company where Hal had been working.  After dinner, they received the check and Hal opened his fortune cookie.  After reading the fortune the decision was made!

Since then they have worked extremely hard to provide a quality and reliable DJ entertainment service.  When discussing his team, Hal shared that “our dedicated staff consists of highly experienced professionals who genuinely love what they do and take pride in every aspect of the company.  We believe in providing excellent customer service and will not be satisfied until we know your event is a huge success.”

The friendly, knowledgeable office staff are always willing to answer questions and offer advice for planning the perfect event; and with a full-time office staff, you can expect someone to always be available to receive your phone call or promptly return your voicemail and/or email.

dj8Hal still carries this fortune in his wallet today.  Sound Quest DJ’s will continue to make our love of music an important part in all our customers lives!


Q. What do you love most about being a special events DJ? 

A. We get the opportunity to be a part of a someone’s BEST day!  We really enjoy creating a fun and professional experience for everyone at the event.


Q. What services do you offer?

A. We know how important your special event is and our goal is to make sure your day is completely worry-free.  It is all about you.  Our event coordinator listens to your vision and works one on one with you to ensure that no detail is overlooked.  You will receive personal consultation and a customized agenda of your event.  The DJ will serve as Master of Ceremonies, making announcements and introductions as needed, as well as assist with coordinating your reception events.  We offer DJs for private parties, ceremony solutions, wedding receptions, photo booths, up lighting and monogram lights.dj9


Q. What does a typical event day look like for you?

A. If you are not early, then you are late.  We arrive with plenty of time to prepare for your event.  We pride ourselves on playing well with others which, means we will communicate, respect and work hand in hand with all your other vendors.  Preparation is the key to running a successful event, so we make sure to have everything prepared before the event begins.  We interact with your guests to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.  We are as flexible as possible to make sure everything runs smooth at your event.  Most of all we keep the focus on the customer. 


Q. What is the best part of your job?

A. Having fun!  If we did not have fun providing this service, then we would not do it.  It is a lot of work to do this type of job the right way.  Having FUN doing it makes it all worthwhile.


Q. From your experience, what should couples and clients ask a potential DJ in the interview process?

A. One thing that people forget to consider is if their DJ is properly licensed & insured.  Another important thing to consider for a DJ is where they get their music.  Nothing looks more unprofessional than to play an offensive version of a song or to depend on streaming and have a song buffer.


Q. What makes you unique from other wedding and event DJs?

A. I believe that the most important thing that makes us different from other DJ companies is that we are a DJ company that is run by a woman. My wife, Cheramie, runs the day to day operations and her attention to detail leading up to each event is crucial to a well-prepared event.  Also, Sound Quest DJ’s has always been a family owned company.  The original owners were a husband/wife team and then sold it to Hal & Cheramie Deadwyler.  This provides a dynamic duo that are proven to work well together for over 25 years in their own marriage.


Q. What is one thing people do not typically know about your business that you wish they did?

A. We like to provide a very custom, individualized experience for every single one of our customers.  Whether it be custom monograms, individualized planning meetings, specific song choices or even what music not to play.  Our goal is to fit seamlessly into our customers’ vision of their event and go above and beyond to partner with their dreams of that day. 


Connect with Sound Quest DJ’s via their website, Instagram or email!

web ig @soundquestdjs1 email

If you are planning a wedding or event in the Columbia area, please reach out to the great companies mentioned in this blog. Happy planning!

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