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Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Photography and Videography

Thu, 06/04/2020

For this vendor spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing some of our favorite photographers and videographers in the industry!  Your wedding day should be about you, your partner, and the journey of starting your life together.  We know capturing all the special moments is important.

Searching for the perfect photographer or videographer is a big decision.  You need to be comfortable with your photographer and videographer selections because they have the responsibility of capturing the memories of your day.  Finding someone compatible with your unique style, personality and vision is exciting.  Anyone can google “wedding photographer/videographer near me” and find a plethora of results.  However, we have taken time to chat with these owners and will highlight not only the craft and services but their personalities and character to hopefully assist your search!  Hope you enjoy the Q & A with some wedding professionals often working at the Lace House.

b2First on the list is Jessica of Jessica Hunt Photography.  Jessica Hunt is a widely-published, fine art wedding photographer for passionate couples throughout the Southeast and all over the world.  She is passionate about helping couples connect on a deeper level with each other and creating imagery that highlights every client’s love story, no matter who or how they love. When she is not behind the lens, you can find her enjoying a craft brew locally, listening to a great podcast, or spending time with her fur family.

Q. Why did you decide to become a photographer?

A. To me this job and industry is so much more than just pretty things, lovely rings, blush roses, and navy suits. It is about humans, the human experience, and how we all share in it.  Being a wedding photographer is a passion and calling to create beautiful images while enhancing the lives of those I photograph and the lives of those who see my photographs.  That is why I became a wedding photographer and what keeps me going on long summer days!

Q. What are two things you think couples should know before hiring a wedding photographer?

A. First, for my couples, my work starts before I even pick up my camera.  We focus on building a fun, safe relationship with each other long before their wedding so that they will feel 100% comfortable in front of my lens.b3  This sets us up to get the most tender, vulnerable, real images on the day of their ceremony, without fail. Having a comfortable working relationship between photographer (me) and my couple (you) is something I absolutely swear by. I think every couple should swear by it, too!  If you do not feel the vibe or absolutely confident and comfortable with the photographer you hire, it will be evident in your images!

Second, every couple should keep in mind that a great photographer with years of experience, top of line gear and equipment, and knowledge of how to handle your celebration will be an investment worth making.  Your photos are the only thing, aside from your new spouse, you’ll be able to enjoy over and over again from your wedding.  You want to walk away from your celebration with a gallery that beautifully displays all of your hard work, personal touches, special moments and everywhere in between, so don’t be afraid to invest in the best photographer possible. Our hard work on your day will allow you to celebrate again and again!

Q. What are the top two most common questions you get from clients?

b4A. 1) “Will I receive EVERY image you take on my wedding day or engagement session?”

No, you won’t, and trust me, you do not even want them all!  At Jessica Hunt Photography, we will go through and pick out the best of the best that represent the story of your day best.  Blurry or dark shots will be removed, so when your gallery arrives, it only holds the best images possible from your wedding day.

2) “What if I have a whole Pinterest board of poses and exact images I want to replicate during my sessions or wedding day?

Actually, we encourage you to avoid this! Pinterest can be great for getting inspiration for poses and wedding days, but often those shots do not take into account who YOU are and how YOU love. We here at JHP do not want to just put you in a cookie-cutter pose that every couple has done before. We want to take beautiful images that show off your love and your relationship, so feel free to leave your Pinterest app untouched for now.

Q. Beyond the digital files/print products that your client receives from their event, what other services do you provide your clients leading up to and on the day of their event?

A. With every JHP wedding package comes an assistant on your wedding day to ensure the day flows smoothly, access to our exclusive client lounge that will help you plan your wedding day with a list of premier vendors and tips on how to execute a flawless day, and a customized timeline for your wedding day to ensure that it flows flawlessly resulting in an easy relaxing day for you to enjoy again and again through your wedding images!

web  ig@jhuntphotos email

Connect with Jessica Hunt Photography socially or send an email!

Next, we had a Q&A session with the people behind Joshua Aaron Photography. Joshua and Aaron are a husband and wife wedding photographer team.  b5The name “Joshua Aaron Photography” comes from their first names, Joshua and Aaron.  They have been photographing weddings and events for over 10 years and enjoy making memorable wedding images for their couples!

Q. Why did you decide to become a photographer?

A. Wedding photography truly found us.  Having a decent camera and being at a wedding where the photographer doesn’t show up makes you try things you might not have otherwise.  After photographing a family member’s and a friend’s wedding, we got our first paying gig from Craigslist in 2008.  After that, we started marketing and slowly grew over the years.  We have both been photographing full time for 8 years now.

Q. What are two things you think couples should know before hiring a wedding photographer?

b6A.  First, we believe it is important to be comfortable with your photographers’ personality.  We love getting to know each couple and the things that make them comfortable in front of the camera.  Wedding photography for us is truly a conversation.

Second, ask to see a full wedding gallery so you have a good sense of what a full day of coverage would look like, not just a few select portraits.

Q. What are the top two most common questions you get from clients?

A. 1) “We have been to weddings where the photographer took over two hours with the couple after the ceremony and it was horrible as a guest, you don’t take that long do you?”

Absolutely not. We understand that even though wedding photography is important, it does not rule the day. Obviously, photos do take some time, but shouldn’t take that much. We generally account for an hour or less of photos after the ceremony, including family group shots. Our goal is to get great photos efficiently so you can get to the reception in a reasonable amount of time. If the couple chooses to do a first look, that time can be cut down to only 20-30 minutes.

2) “Who will be photographing us on our wedding day?”

It is always us (Joshua and Aaron) on the wedding day. It is never a “primary shooter and assistant” scenario. We are both full time photographers so we can seamlessly and efficiently work through various roles as needed on the wedding day.

b7Q. Beyond the digital files/print products that your client receives from their event, what other services do you provide your clients leading up to and on the day of their event?

A. We keep things simple, so the only other services we offer to wedding clients are engagement and bridal sessions.  Engagement sessions are not only a great opportunity for the couple to get some stellar images to share their engagement and make save the date cards, but also a great opportunity to work with us before the wedding day.  Engagement sessions really help ease any stress about how photos will go on the wedding day.

Bridal sessions are admittedly a southern thing, but we love them as a chance to make some great images of just the bride before the wedding day.  The bridal session is also a great opportunity for the bride to make sure she knows exactly how her hair, makeup, and even dress alternations need to be for the wedding day.

web ig@joshuaaaronphoto email

Connect with Joshua Aaron Photography socially or send an email!

Moving along, we spoke with Jessica of Jessica Roberts Photography.  Jessica wanted to introduce herself b8and shared the following bio: “I’m Jessica Roberts.  I love Jesus, sweet tea and carbohydrates.  I love to capture REAL couples for who they are, in a way that tells the emotion of their day, displays their details beautifully, and expresses their pure JOY!  I’m here to make you laugh and help you not look stiff and awkward. It’s your wedding day, it should be fun—but make it fashion.”

Q. Why did you decide to become a photographer?

A. Long version over drinks.  The short version - I didn’t want to go back to my law firm once I had a baby.  That baby is now eight and I’ll never have a boss for the rest of my life.  Discovering that I had these skills and being able to form a business out of it, that’s been the biggest blessing ever.  I feel like I should probably say “aside from my husband and children” but honestlyyyyyy….

Q. What are two things you think couples should know before hiring a wedding photographer? b9

A. One, stop bargain hunting—this is not car insurance!  We deliver the memories you will enjoy for the rest of your life, and your decision is FOREVER!  I can’t tell you how many times brides end up back in my messages asking if I can edit a wedding photo or just expressing regret in general.  You really need to pick the photographer you have fallen in love with, both photo wise and personality wise.  Cut the custom napkins if you need to help with budget!

Two, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Ask to see full galleries, or weddings at your venue instead of going off of Instagram or blogs.  I have Lace House wedding galleries in rain and shine of every season to share!  Ask about rights to your images, if you have to come back to purchase prints, for example.  Ask about your second photographer, they’re important too.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

Q. What are the top two most common questions you get from clients?

A. 1) “What is the process? I don’t know what to expect.”

I am a type-A planner, so I have ALL THE STEPS.  Step one, sign your contract and pay your retainer online.  Step two, receive your welcome gift in the mail that has a wedding planning magazine full of ways to maximize your photography- from timelines to family formals to engagement session outfits, it’s all there.  Step three, add me on socials.  We’re gonna become real life friends, sorry not sorry!!

2) The Other question I get is “How are you so amazing/talented/beautiful/smart?” and to that I say thanks mom.

b10Q. Beyond the digital files/print products that your client receives from their event, what other services do you provide your clients leading up to and on the day of their event?

A. I want my couples to get more out of their wedding photographer than someone showing up and snapping photos. I want them to have an experience, and the Jessica Roberts Photography experience is FUN.  We’re planning your sessions, your timeline, we’re counting down together, and I’m taking every step to make your wedding day the most enjoyable it can be.  Broken strap? I’ve got a safety pin. Didn’t get a ring box? I have every color.  I’m a lay flat dress queen, a therapist, your best friend you didn’t know you were missing, and I’ll deliver all of those special candid moments you didn’t notice. After the wedding day, I’m giving you next day sneak peeks on Instagram, posting editing bloopers, and sending off my labor of love within a few weeks. Afterward we can make a great wedding album for you to share with your grandkids and they can all laugh because 2070 fashion probably thinks 2020 fashion is insane.

web ig @jessicarobertsphoto email

Connect with Jessica Roberts Photography socially or send an email!

b11Next we spoke with Clark Berry with Clark Berry Photography.  Clark and Becki are a husband and wife photography team going  on their 20th year of photographing weddings.   Their studio is in the Old Mill in Lexington.   They have four children and live on a small farm in Gilbert.  On the farm, they breed and raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, fainting goats and chickens and even have a few miniature horses!

Q. Why did you decide to become a photographer?

A. After the birth of our first child, we began creating portraits for our family and other families.  It quickly grew to incorporate weddings and it took off from there.  We absolutely love being able to give our brides and grooms images that we wish we had from our own wedding.  Capturing unique images and special moments motivates us to approach each wedding we photograph as a challenge to continually improve and create better images than the one before.

Q. What are two things you think couples should know before hiring a wedding photographer?

A. One, You typically get what you pay for.  It’s not about paying the most you can afford for photography but do your research and decide how important your wedding day photography is in the grand scheme of things.b12  Image quality is hard to tell from social media posts, so look at wall portraits and sample albums.  Be wary of images that have a stylized look to them as these trends evolve constantly.  Overly stylized images could leave your wedding moments looking very out of date in a short amount of time.

Two, choose someone who can show you a body of work that shows consistency.  Everyone can show you a few amazing images, but what if your event doesn’t have the best lighting, if it rains, or you don’t feel like you look like the models in their sample images?  What can they do to make sure you have images you will love? 

Q. What are the top two most common questions you get from clients?

A. 1) “Will my images look like the sample images you are showing me?

Absolutely!  We pride ourselves on consistency and a clean look to our images.  We post all weddings to our blog, not just the ones with amazing venues and expensive décor.  Your wedding images are going to look incredible and “high end” no matter what.  Our goal is to capture real moments and beautiful portraits in an artistic and visually pleasing way.

2) “What if it rains?”

If it rains, there is no way to hide that fact.  We work with the weather and include it as part of your wedding day story.  Some of our favorite ceremony images have come from “relocated” ceremony sites that ended up being phenomenal.  For instance, inside at the Lace House with candles by the front door.  We had a wedding on the day of the “100 year flood” in 2015.  Even though we didn’t know how significant that rain was going to be, we were sure to capture some creative images of the bride and groom that showed the downpour, using our clear umbrella and creative lighting. How many brides can show images like that and say, “We got married during THE flood!?!"

b13Q. Beyond the digital files/print products that your client receives from their event, what other services do you provide your clients leading up to and on the day of their event?

A. Most of our brides opt to have a bridal portrait session before their big day.  Most of those brides choose the Lace House Gardens for the session.  In addition to the images captured during the session, Becki works with the bride on standing, posing, and maneuvering in her wedding gown.  Learning more flattering ways to pose as well as how to get around in a wedding gown gives our brides even more confidence on her wedding day.  When she sees the results from the session, she knows we will take care of her and not photograph her in unflattering ways.  Every body type is capable of flattering photos and every body type is also capable of unflattering photos.  A slight turn of the hips or a change in camera angle can easily slenderize and flatter any body type.  Our experience allows us to make the most of corrective posing/lighting and can make every bride look like a model.

web  ig@clarkberryphotography   email

Connect with Clark Berry Photography socially or send an email!

Lastly, we spoke with Bill Grant of Cinema Couture Films. b14Bill shared the Cinema Couture team has, “a passion for wedding videography and telling stories for these wonderful families who trust us with the most important day of their life.  We know that over the years, the films we create will become more valuable and a priceless part of their future.  At Cinema Couture, every film has its own personality.  Every wedding couple has their own personal love story.  Every event is about something.  We specialize in telling your story and creating a film that reflects your true personality.”

Q. Why did you decide to become a videographer?

A. Cinema Couture Films was born when I started shooting weddings in 2005.  Back then, all I did was record what happened.  As the years passed, I learned that I could do so much more to tell peoples’ stories.  In 2011, I made the switch from making “Videos” to making “Films” – my focus became less about the things or what was happening and became more about the people and their stories.  Nowadays, we have a great team.  Chances are one or all of us will be working on your film.  We have one goal and that is to tell your story in a way that feels perfect for you.

b15Q. What are two things you think couples should know before hiring a wedding videographer?

A. One, wedding videography should not be a “one size fits all” experience.  Sure, you might see certain shots in each film like the dress, rings, etc. but the story of each film should be completely different for each couple and really reflect their personality in the way it is told.

Two, experience is worth more.  Everyone essentially has a phone in their pocket that can take video, but a professional wedding videographer will have knowledge of typical wedding day structure, how to set up technical elements like audio, lighting, etc., and that takes time to learn.  Videographers/Photographers with more experience can often perform more consistently to deliver a high-end product, that way there are no surprises on your wedding day.

Q. Beyond the digital files/print products that your client receives from their event, what other services do you provide your clients leading up to and on the day of their event?b16

A. We will communicate with the couple, or their wedding planner, and sometimes the photographer to discuss the layout of the day, that way we know where we need to be for certain parts.  We will also talk about how the couple is feeling about the day and what they are most excited about, to get a general feel for how we should structure their wedding film.

Check out some of Cinema Couture’s work by following these links:

web  ig@cinemacouture email

Connect with Cinema Couture socially or send an email!

Our goal at the Lace House is to be a reliable resource in the wedding and special events industry.   We hope this vendor spotlight offered some insight into a few of the many great vendor options in Columbia and we are excited to discuss your event!

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