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Arbors and Arches for an Amazing Wedding Day!

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Fri, 03/01/2019

If you’re looking to add some flair to your backdrop when reciting your nuptials on your wedding day, you may want to consider incorporating an arbor or arch. What’s exciting about this idea are the nearly unlimited options when it comes to decorating the arbor to create the optimal environment for your special day.

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(Photos from Pinterest)

Whether it's extravagant floral combinations, elegant ivy or exquisite textures and textiles, there is plenty of room for creativity when thinking about your backdrop. Other options for the structure of the arbor itself include traditional natural wood, wrought iron, simple fabric drapes or ribbon and refurbished doors. Using any of the above suggestions could be a way to tie in your color palette or even the season.

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(Photo by Adrienne Cooper Photography)

Most importantly, there are no rules! You can truly make the arbor what you want and have a Big Day that’s even more memorable for years to come. For more information regarding the Lace House or any of the wedding professionals mentioned, please reach out to us as 803-737-2235 or

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(Photo by Clark Berry Photography)